How to pair your hearing aids with iPhone®

You can connect your Bernafon hearing aids to your iPhone, so you can stream audio, answer phone calls, adjust settings, and more. They are Made for iPhone hearing aids, which means they interact seamlessly with Apple® devices.

Before you start


Compatibility guide

See which iPhones will work with your hearing aids.

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Download the Bernafon App

You can use the Bernafon App to control your hearing aids after you've paired your hearing aids with your iPhone.

Download the Bernafon App
Bernafon App icon for both Apple and Android versions of app.

6 easy steps to connect your iPhone with your hearing aids


Ensure Bluetooth® is turned on.

Go to > Settings

Make sure Bluetooth is on.


Turn off your hearing aids.

For rechargeable hearing aids, turn them off by pressing the lower button of each hearing aid for three seconds.


Restart your hearing aids.

For rechargeable hearing aids, turn them on by pressing the lower button of each hearing aid for two seconds.

Grey and red sketch of a rechargeable hearing aid in a charger.

Detect your hearing aids.

Place your hearing aids close to your iPhone.

Your iPhone should detect your hearing aids and display their names under MFI HEARING DEVICES.

iPhone screen showing hearing aids are connected and successfully paired with phone.

Begin pairing.

Go to > Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > MFI HEARING DEVICES.

Tap the names of your hearing aids.

iPhone screen showing where to click to start pairing with hearing aids.

Tap Pair when you get a pairing request on the screen.

If you have two hearing devices, you'll need to confirm two pairing requests.

Pairing can take up to a minute.

Pairing is complete when you see each hearing aid listed under MFI HEARING DEVICES.

When you turn off a device

When you turn off your hearing aids or your iPhone, they will no longer be connected. They will automatically reconnect when you turn on your hearing aids.

Pairing with more than one Apple device

You can pair your hearing aids with more than one Apple device. Your hearing aids should switch to the device you are using, such as when you receive a call on your iPhone.

If you make changes to your hearing device settings on one device, they will be sent to your other devices.

Clearing a pairing

Sometimes, an old device may still be paired and you may wish to delete it. In other cases, clearing an old pairing from your iPhone and re-pairing can solve connection problems.