How to put on and remove your hearing aids

Learn the correct way to put on your hearing aids and ensure they remain comfortable, secure, and discreet throughout your day.

Before you start


If you have two hearing aids, make sure you know which hearing aid goes on each ear. They are marked with blue for the left ear and red for the right ear. These colored indicators may be in the form of text or a dot. Colored dots are hidden inside the battery drawers on some hearing aids.


On this page you can find instructions for behind-the-ear style hearing aids:

Behind-the-ear style hearing aids

A beige version of the Alpha XT MNR T R with domes displayed on a black background.

Putting on behind-the-ear style hearing aids

These instructions are for miniRITE hearing aids. These types of hearing aids sit behind your ear and slightly on top of it.


Place the main hearing aid body behind your ear.


Route the speaker wire over the top of your ear.


Hold the bend of the speaker wire between your thumb and index finger.

The earpiece should point towards your ear canal opening.


Gently pull your ear outwards and push the earpiece into your ear canal, twisting slightly if necessary.

Follow the natural contours of the ear canal until the hearing aid is fully inserted.