How to clean your hearing aids

Find out all you need to know about keeping your hearing aids hygienic and ensuring they remain in proper working condition.

Before you start


You need to be certain what style of hearing aids you have because the cleaning instructions are very different for different models. You can find instructions for cleaning each type of hearing aid below.


As a general rule, clean your hearing aids and earpieces each day with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your hearing aids, and hold your hearing aids over a soft surface to avoid damage if you drop them.


The wax filter should be replaced when clogged or if a hearing aid sounds unusual. Use the wax filter supplied by your hearing care professional.

How to change the wax filter

Cleaning behind-the-ear hearing aids

This type of hearing aid sits behind your ear and slightly on top of it. It has a wire inside a thin plastic tube that runs to a speaker with a round dome inside your ear (RITE).

A beige version of the Alpha XT MNR T R with domes displayed on a black background.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids with a metal wire inside a thin plastic tube that runs to an electronic speaker inside your ear (RITE, miniRITE)

This type of hearing aid sits on top of or behind your ear. They have a thin wire tube connected to an electronic speaker inside a rubber dome, which sits inside your ear canal.


Clean the surface of your hearing aids.

Use wet wipes that don’t contain alcohol. This is because hearing aids are coated with a hydrophobic coating that is sensitive to alcohol.

An alternative to wet wipes is cleaning with a lint-free cotton cloth and a mild soap solution. Avoid using excess water that can enter the hearing aids.

After cleaning, leave your hearing aids to dry for an hour.


Clean the microphone openings on the plastic casing of your hearing aids.

Use the cleaning brush of your MultiTool to brush out any debris.


Replace the wax filter.

Change your hearing aid wax filters whenever they become clogged. Always use the same type of wax filter that was originally supplied with your hearing aids. If you are in any doubt about the use or replacement of wax filters, contact your hearing care professional.

How to replace the wax filter


Replace your domes, unless you have earmolds.

The domes that cover the speaker units should not be cleaned. If they are filled with wax, replace them.

How to change domes

Cleaning earmolds on RITE hearing aids

If your hearing aids have molds that are made to fit your ears AND they have electronic speakers that sit inside the molds, then follow these cleaning instructions:

The molds should be cleaned regularly with a dry cloth. Molds used for RITE styles cannot be detached from the hearing aid, and since they contain electronics, they must never be washed or immersed in water or other liquids.

Clean the ventilation opening by pressing the cleaning brush through the hole while twisting it slightly.